10-Day Program

Cultivating knowledge and skills through hands-on microgreen education

From Seed to Harvest: Mastering Microgreens

The PennGrows Microgreens Growers program offers a comprehensive learning experience, beginning with hands-on planting of radish and broccoli seeds and progressing to understanding the needs of microgreens, setting up the self-watering grow rack, and exploring harvesting techniques. With three instructor visits on key days, a curriculum guide, instructional videos, and a self-watering grow rack provided, participants will gain practical knowledge and culinary inspiration for utilizing their home-grown microgreens.

About the Self-Watering Grow Rack

About the Self-Watering Grow Rack

As part of the PennGrows Microgreen Growers program, our self-watering grow rack is rented to facilitate the cultivation of microgreens throughout the course. This shelving unit serves as a crucial tool for creating an optimal growing environment for microgreens.

Rental Service Details:

  • Drop-off and Setup: Before the start of the program, our team will deliver the self-watering shelving unit to your designated location. We will handle the setup process, ensuring that the shelving unit is properly installed and ready for use by the participants.
  • Usage During Program: Throughout the duration of the program, participants will have access to the self-watering shelving unit for cultivating microgreens. The shelving unit is designed to provide efficient watering and space optimization, contributing to the success of the microgreen growing experience.
  • Pick-up: After the program, typically on Day 10, our team will return to your location to dismantle and collect the shelving unit. We take care of the entire pick-up process, ensuring that there is no hassle or inconvenience for you or your participants.

* Fees include mileage up to 50 miles

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